Learn About Potter Joel Cherrico

Joel Cherrico is a full-time potter. He has handcrafted over 20,000 pieces of pottery, which are now being enjoyed by people all over the planet. Joel continues to handcraft about 4,000 of pieces of pottery every year, for sale on cosmicmugs.com and store.cherricopottery.com.

Joel also designs pottery that is made in factories in China. Every Chinese-made pot is marked on the bottom, "Made in China" directly underneath the Cherrico Pottery logo. Every pot with out the "Made in China" text was handcrafted by Joel Cherrico.

In 2015, Cosmic Mugs raised $34,099 on Kickstarter and were shipped to 16 countries. This project helped validate the idea that Cosmic Mugs could be truly innovative, revolutionary pieces of functional artwork.

Joel Cherrico started Cherrico Pottery, LLC in 2010 after graduating from the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University with a degree in art. Since then, he has supported his livelihood full-time by creating and selling handmade pottery. Cherrico Pottery blends historical pottery methods with new technology to revolutionize the ways that art impacts our global society.

"Ever since I was young, mountains have affected me powerfully. Mountains represent ambition. They're like gigantic sculptures made by nature. The idea of reaching the summit of a mountain motivates me to pursue and achieve great goals with my artwork. I sign the bottom of each pot with a simple, abstract line drawing of a Rocky Mountain landscape."

- Joel Cherrico